Our spirits yearn for moments of grace, insight and transcendence.  When we do receive a glimpse of the holy, there is a sense of recognition, of homecoming.  Any of us who seek to make prayer or art meaningful search for ways of opening space to make these glimpses possible. It might come in a gesture, or through a particular section of music or the brilliant hues of a fabric or in a single word.  We cannot predict how these moments will come about. So, we set out as explorers of a kind, listening for something we cannot fully name, and recording this journey through creative expression.


This site provides an introduction to my writing and reflects my desire to explore the place where faith and creativity meet.  I have included descriptions of resources I have written or edited, selections of some of my hymn texts, prayers and photographs, and information about who I am.  I hope that you will feel welcome here and encouraged as you continue your own spiritual explorations.

Keri Wehlander
Author, hymn lyricist, liturgical dancer and retreat leader

New Book

I'm thrilled to let you know that I have edited a new book called Creating Change: The Arts as Catalyst for Spiritual Transformation. The book has contributions from many wonderful authors, including: Diana Butler Bass; Henri J.M. Nouwen; Barbara Brown Taylor; Thomas Merton; Walter Wink; Eric Elnes; Ray Buckley; John L. Bell; Linnea Good; Tim Scorer; Jim Strathdee, and many others. Please click on Books tab for more information.